Life After First Steps

Parent Workshop

Integrity Behavioral Solutions is proud to announce the development of helpful workshops for parents of children with a recent diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 

These workshops provide parents with information about autism, the benefits of ABA therapy and information on navigating insurance and financial challenges. 

The workshop focuses on providing parents with tools and resources to help pay for ABA therapy through combining available options that fit with each family and their own financial needs.

The workshops average three hours in length, and will feature several professionals speaking on a variety of topics. 

Each family will leave the workshop with a customized informational binder that will help them organize in one place all of the information related to their child’s diagnosis and to manage the sometimes overwhelming amount of paperwork that can result.

Parents will also be provided with information about local autism support groups, information on where to turn to plan for your child’s long term needs, and referrals to professionals who can provide your family and your child with the right therapy for their needs and the needs of the family.

This workshop is specifically designed for parents whose child has received a diagnosis within the past six months, however anyone interested may attend.

Workshops will be held at various locations around Indianapolis and the surrounding counties. 

Contact Integrity Behavioral Solutions for more information on workshop locations, cost, dates and availability in your area.